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Our coaches are Certified Integral Facilitators® and are skilled facilitative leaders who impact the quality of groups, teams, communities and organizations by creating the conditions for deeper, more satisfying and more efficient engagement and collaboration. If you are a member of a team whether it be small and casual or high-stakes and complex, skilled creative and confident meeting facilitation can change the landscape of an organization. Our facilitators can design and lead effective meetings, move groups along with energy and momentum, lead ideation, agreements and decision making, resolve simple issues and handle basic conflicts, enliven meetings with creativity and pleasure or generally bring greater relaxation and openness to group process.

With a deep and stable presence our facilitators have access to greater consciousness and a wider range of perspectives, enabling a facility for engaging cultural depth and diversity. We host a sensitivity and skill in working with multiple world-views and personality styles, with a precise and discerning use of awareness and attention to influence group dynamics. If you and your team could use support in Deep Listening, Insightful Questioning, Artful Reframing, Building Culture and Rapport, Facilitating Energized Discussions, Ideation and Brainstorming, Evaluating Options, Decision Making protocols, Resolving simple conflicts, Action Planning or Meeting Evaluation, book now.

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