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One-on-one personal coaching

The actual existence of your ongoing adult development is irrefutable but how to actually nurture and navigate that development may be a mystery. Growth is hard. It can be challenging to let go of well-honed patterns. We can feel alone and lost in the wilderness of human development, without a real map or compass to guide us, other than the intuitive pull of our own conscience or the familiar tug of our habits. We might need some help figuring out which direction to face, where to place our next few steps, or where we are even trying to go—and even when we do figure these things out for ourselves, even with a deep desire, good intentions, and a solid plan, the changes we desired can often ebb as the strength of our embodied views and patterns of behaviour bring us back to our habitual form. Until very recently, we’ve largely been left to our own devices, forced to continuously figure everything out for ourselves, or else subject our development to the projections and platitudes from other teachers, mentors, family or society. Using a comprehensive set of integral models, you will work with your coach obtaining a multi perspectival view and understanding of your Self.

Developing a program of practice to fully honour and include all of you—all of your strengths, all of your weaknesses, all of your shadows, all of your experiences, and all of your untapped potentials as you expand your perspectives and capacities to include, transcend, and embody a fuller, freer, more capable being. This method resists the sort of “one-size-fits-all” approach so common to the coaching industry and to the self-help market as a whole.

Your coach will help you gain a birds-eye-view of your own growth and development, and show you how you can calibrate your actions and align your intentions to better meet the complexity that surrounds you. If you are looking for developmental traction for your own personal path, regardless of the direction it may be leading you.

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Humans are complex. You are complex.