Leslie Bishop

Novi Yoga Inc. is a yoga life school dedicated to supporting yoga students and teachers live a YOGA LIFE both on the mat and in their lives. With workshops, intensives, teacher trainings, retreats, and private coaching and mentoring, Novi Yoga is a collective of vastly trained and highly practiced yogis from around the world led by founder Leslie Bishop.

In her teaching and coaching, Leslie helps students and teachers navigate through the comfort of happy lifestyles, everyday monotony, and the thrilling uncertainty of attraction, intimacy and change. A teacher of teachers and relationship coach for more than 15 years, Leslie is changing the conversation on how we as a humans communicate with ourselves and each other.

As owner of Novi Yoga, Leslie runs teacher trainings, workshops and retreats where she facilitates a discourse to encourage emotional risk taking to open up communication, feelings and basic human needs.

Known for her passionate and enthusiastic pulse, Leslie shifts the paradigm of our traditional approach to relationship from a ‘power against’ strategy to a ‘power with’ blueprint.

She is regularly sought out for her expertise in relational health and communication, team building, emotional intelligence, couples identity, dating relationships and falling in love with yourself.

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